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Ruilkaarten Serie 1

Serie 1 bestaat uit 60 kaarten waarvan de eerste 10 glimmende kaarten zijn. De glimmende kaarten zitten in ? op de ? pakjes. De kaarten zijn voor ? gulden verkrijgbaar in boosterpacks waarin ? kaarten zitten. De prijzen van de lossen kaarten zijn voor de gewone kaarten ? gulden en voor de glimmende kaarten ? gulden.

Nr. Omschrijving Plaatje
1 The Z team soldiers, along with Goku, try to save the Earth. "Whoever the enemy may be, we will defeat them!" plaatje
2 Can anyone defeat Raditz? To battle against this threat to Earth, Piccolo joins forces with Goku to rescue Goku's son Gohan. plaatje
3 Gohan gained so much power that he could even kill a dinosaur all by himself in order to survive. plaatje
4 Goku's happy fun-loving family. Chi Chi demonstrates her radical driving technique while off-roading with her family. plaatje
5 The "Z" family reunion. "We are so excited about our next big adventure!" plaatje
6 Responding to Raditz's attack, Goku counterattacks using the Kamehameha Wave, but even that didn't work. plaatje
7 The mighty Saiyan warrior Raditz arrives on Earth searching for his brother who had been sent to Earth as a baby. plaatje
8 Vegeta and Nappa have arrived on Earth. Their unbelievable power will be revealed at last! plaatje
9 Piccolo is disappointed by Gohan's lack of will. But now the Earth's future depends upon the incredible power potential Gohan has within him. plaatje
10 "In place of my father I will keep the peace on the Earth." "Hello everybody!" plaatje
11 From Goku to Gohan, the Dragon Ball world has been inherited. This is the start of a new generation. plaatje
12 It has been 5 years since the championship tournament where master and student battled it out. Goku takes Gohan to visit Master Roshi. plaatje
13 With Raditz's appearance, Goku is in the fighting position while a frightened child-like Gohan clings to him. plaatje
14 Raditz easily incapacitates Goku with one swift blow demonstrating Raditz's unbelievable super powers. plaatje
15 Arch enemies, Goku and Piccolo have decided to join forces temporarily in hopes of defeating Raditz. plaatje
16 Piccolo and Goku, the Earth's most powerful team, challenge Raditz from taking Gohan away with him. plaatje
17 Even though Goku is Raditz's real brother, it makes no difference to Raditz. He'll still fight to the death! plaatje
18 Gohan breaks free of the space capsule which Raditz had imprisoned him in when he sees his father Goku in trouble. plaatje
19 Gohan overcome with rage, attacks Raditz in a remarkable burst of power. plaatje
20 Goku himself cannot do a thing to diminish Raditz's superior power. He relies on Piccolo's new lethal weapon to finish off Raditz. plaatje
21 Piccolo summons an extra powerful Special Beam Cannon to finish off Raditz. The only problem is that Goku will perish with Raditz. plaatje
22 Piccolo's blast will encompass Raditz and Goku destroying both. But Goku urges Piccolo to fire - it's Earth's only hope. plaatje
23 Goku paid the ultimate price - his own life in order to defeat Raditz. plaatje
24 Kami introduces Goku to King Yemma in order for him to get superior training from King Kai. plaatje
25 Great King Yemma, the gatekeeper of the Upper and Lower Worlds, sends Goku to start his training under King Kai. plaatje
26 In order to draw out Gohan's unexplored powers, Piccolo insists on training Gohan for one year. plaatje
27 Piccolo takes Gohan to a deserted wasteland to train him to utilize the incredible power potential Gohan has within him. plaatje
28 Gohan is left all by himself in the desert, but Piccolo continues to watch him from the sidelines. plaatje
29 Somehow Gohan manages to harness the energy to live on his own, but his exhaustive training continues. plaatje
30 Gohan transforms into a Giant Monkey and gets out of control, but Piccolo suppresses him by destroying the moon and cutting off Gohan's tail. plaatje
31 During Goham's desert training, Gohan meets an old robot that comes to Gohan's aid time and time again. plaatje
32 Vegeta and Nappa on their way to Earth, they make a brief stopover on the planet Arlia where they pillage all it's resources and finally destroy it. plaatje
33 Goku was heading to King Kai's planet but fell asleep on Snake Way because he was so tired. This gets him in big trouble! plaatje
34 Launch tags along with Tien and Chiaotzu who have been training under the waterfall getting ready for the final battle. plaatje
35 Goku journeys to King Kai's planet where the great King Yemma sends him on his way to meet King Kai. plaatje
36 As Goku travels along Snake Way a castle appears in front of him. He thought it was King Kai's planet but he then meets the Snake Princess and her maids. plaatje
37 Gohan missed Chi Chi so much and wanted to see her so bad that he made a raft and tried to sail across the ocean. plaatje
38 Gohan encounters a storm on the ocean, is washed up on the beach and is rescued by children. plaatje
39 Getting ready for the final battle that will take in half a year's time, Piccolo trains Gohan to help him develop his hidden powers. plaatje
40 After six long months, traveling over 1 million miles, Goku finally arrives at King Kai's planet. plaatje
41 Gohan transforms into a Giant Monkey when seeing a full moon. This is evidence that he has Saiyan Tribe blood coursing through his veins. plaatje
42 Upon arriving on King Kai's planet, Goku tells King Kai many bad jokes so that he can get permission to train there. plaatje
43 King Kai begins training immediately by having Goku catch Bubbles - no easy task with an energetic monkey and a gravity ten times the force of Earth's. Goku catches Bubbles after only three months. plaatje
44 Goku's next task is to hit Gregory the grasshopper with a hammer. Goku, impressively, performs this task in three weeks. plaatje
45 The Saiyan Tribe continues to pillage and destroy planets throughout the universe. Goku has Saiyan Tribe blood in his veins too. plaatje
46 Goku died in the battle with Raditz, but continues his training under King Kai. plaatje
47 Vegeta heads for the Earth with his strong-arm Nappa. Vegeta is the most powerful and feared of all Saiyans, having even more power than Raditz. plaatje
48 The sky darkens as the two Saiyans land on Earth. The most destructive of all battles will begin! plaatje
49 The Saiyans arrive on Earth earlier than expected. What is the fate of those of Earth's soldiers stand up and fight? plaatje
50 At Vegeta's suggestion, Yamcha fights the Saibaimen... plaatje
51 Goku's fighting abilities increase to a power level of 5,000. Training in heavy gravity has made him so fast he can't even be seen by normal humans. plaatje
52 Everyone looks so small! Gohan panics when seeing the mini Dragon Ball Z world. plaatje
53 Chi Chi and Ox-King still don't know about Goku's death and Gohan's disappearance. Chi Chi will once again become hysterical! plaatje
54 Even evil dinosaurs exist on the mysterious Dragon Ball Z world, so life there isn't easy! plaatje
55 With the death of Yamcha, Krillin's anger explodes. He defeats three Saibaimen one right after the other. plaatje
56 Even Piccolo can't stop Gohan when he transforms into aGiant Monkey. The only way to stop him is to destroy the moon. plaatje
57 There is no sign of Gohan being a brat anymore. "I'm going to be strong and keep the Earth at peace." plaatje
58 Holding Gohan's hat, Krillin and the others are so shocked they are speechless. "What will happen to Earth now?" plaatje
59 Gohan, enduring solitaire training for half a year, has increased in strength both mentally and physically. plaatje
60 Een Kami cannot hide the fact that he is upset seeing the Earth is such turmoil. What will be the fate of the Earth? plaatje

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